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Composite glass /carbon fiber

FIBERGLASS/CARBON PROPELLER H30 Reductor 20/72 or 19/73 -- 125 -130 cm
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The stratification in the mold of structural components and binder resins is called  "Composite".


The structural elements normally are composed of natural or synthetic fibers as glasscarbonpolyesterkevlar, with special mechanical characteristics that normally are woven to form a mesh.


Several layers of tissues also of different origin are overlying and impregnated with adhesive resins that once hardened will carry these in position at the desired shape .


The different mechanical characteristics of the fabrics can be used to improve stiffness, elasticity, resistance to impact or abrasion in circumscribed areas of the part to be created, thus optimizing form and lightness to obtain optimal results.

This type of construction allows to obtain self-supporting shapes with exceptional mechanical properties that can not be obtained with any other machining process.

The propellers obtained with this system can be made with profiles and shapes, thin or concave profiles, that can not be obtained with common materials, for example in wood or even with heavier materials such as aluminum.

The dimensional stability of the composite (the wooden propeller is deformed with temperature and humidity) and the resistance to abrasion (the wood is very fragile even when painted), increase the operational life of the propeller and offer constant performance.

Composite propellers are repairable in most cases (to be evaluated from time to time), are the best choice in the presence of sand, snow or high grass.