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The "Italy Aerotouring Flight Guide" by Guido Medici is the first of a range of publications created to provide General Aviation pilots with complete and detailed information dedicated to, and essential for aero-tourism purposes, both in terms of flight planning and in terms of organising leisure time activities after touchdown.

This guide describes the entire network of landing points throughout the whole of Italy, including airports, airstrips, ULM airfields and helicopter landing pads. It also includes basic information on Italian airports, as well as previously unpublished information about more than 500 airstrips that are open to GA and ULM traffic, but are not included in the AIP Italia guide.

In addition, the guide also describes Italian Aviation in terms of its history, its museums, its records and its art, providing a complete and exhaustive framework of everything related to Italian aviation.

This is a proper and useful guide that will accompany you in flight or on land, providing you with information regarding the routes you should take to discover new landscapes, aero-touring landing points, aero-resorts, hotels, restaurants, museums, old town centres and exclusive locations that you can get to by air.

Thousands of bits of detailed information have been carefully and precisely included in order to ensure that you can fly like you never even imagined was possible.

text in English

430 pages

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