Author Damiano Zanocco
DVD in Italian"
1st part of the Meteorology course

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 1st part of the Meteorology course

events accelerated in cloudy composite static landscapes

It 's amazing how the weather, and their becoming, showing immediately comprehensible by observing the clouds accelerated. Therefore, the clouds and their movements we explain in elementary meteorology.

In this first part presents 4 topics:
- A prelude to the clouds
- The scientific classification of clouds
- The sea of clouds
- The heavens pre-storm

A film fascinating, exciting, educational and scientific yet poetic, to let the wonderful world wonder cloudy.

Some data on the documentary:
- 100 times the average acceleration of the images of clouds
- 500 hours, shooting clouds made within 7 years
- 250 hours: the time required for video editing, audio, music, sound clips, voice recording
- 1: the camera stolen during the shooting
- 54 minutes: the video.
Tralier on youtube:{youtube}mz-YEyz5TaQ{/youtube}

"Clouds sprint 2" is the first part of a work that will see 2 additional outputs (Clouds sprint 3 and 4) probably in 2011 and 2012


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