Classic Frame
TOP 80
125 cm prop

Perc. Sconto0.0 %
Frame color - Colore telaio

Gear rate - Misura riduttore

ABM Harness - Imbrago ABM

Cage size for L classic frame

Throttle handle - Acceleratore

Propeller size - Misura elica Tooltip standard is wood



our ABM system, Medium Flex Bars, allows a more dinamic handling while maintaining an high level of self stability



standard features:


  • wood propeller of 125 cm
  • Diameter cage 137 cm
  • harness black
  • Weight 19.9 Kg
  • Reductor 20/72, recommended for propellers of 125 cm
  • Harness size M, is the measure that normally can be adjusted for pilots between 60 and 90 Kg

 Colors : please visit the category page Miniplane

(samples, there are other availlable)


options :

  • Specify in the notes if you want the version with L1 cage that allows you to use a larger propeller, up to 130 cm, the cage L1 can also be ordered as  modification, the cage L1 with 130 cm propeller needs the propeller spacer M7A/1A**.



   harness options : seat size (cm) weight
with seatplate
    M L (Kg)
Easy Fly

 our standard harness,

1 big pocket under the seat, 2 side pockets,

42 mm main belt,

loops belts for a front rescue container and speed-bar pulleys

 34 x 25(+7) 37 x 27(+8)  2

 SLT paramotor harness
25 mm main belts,
size expander zip on the back
removable zipped side rescue container that  can be put on both sides( the zipped rescue container and/or the the side pocket must be ordered separatelly, you can find it on our harness section)

   38 x 32(+8) 2,4
Dudek  PowerSeat light DP,
the version we use is
with the integrated rescue container under the seat,
25 mm main belts

  38 x 30(+15) 3

 more informations about the harness in the harness section

Here you can find more informations on the choice of Miniplane the best for you.

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