Paramotor Complete
WITHOUT engine and propeller
rigid cage 140 cm

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Frame color - Colore telaio

Model Motor Selezionare tipo di motore

Model Bars modello braccetti

ABM Harness - Imbrago ABM

Misura braccetti PSF Size PSF bars

Throttle handle - Acceleratore

this model is based on our classic Miniplane frame, with a stronger rigid cage.

We build a frame suitable for the engine you have chosen.

There are small differences between the various motor models, the most obvious concern of the motor anchor points, the position of the tank, and torque compensation due the direction of rotation (clockwise or counterclockwise), torque amount and engine geometry (weight balance).
Our constructive choice on the geometry of the frame is to hold the propeller away from the pilot.
Among the engines that we chose, almost everyone can be mounted with a spacer for the propeller, which we recommend to mount, it helps to achieve the correct
propeller position without mooving the engine back too much.

 This article is made for 125 and 130 cm prop,



Moster 180  
 Moster 180  moster3
 Cors-Air 180  





N.B. the photos are examples, the article is a complete paramotor with harness, propeller, etc.


Colors : please visit the category page Miniplane

(samples, there are other availlable)



N.B. The frame Miniplane classic is "reversible" only in the ABM configuration, so the engines with the opposite torque (counter-clockwise propeller rotation) can be mounted only through the configuration ABM.


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