T NUTS and screws


4 drive nuts T shape + 4 screws

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Propeller screw lenght



4 nuts M6 8 mm external diameter

+ 4 screws


The nut design is stronger on the most critical point, reducing the risk of bolts break.
It can only be used on the double drilled 6 mm and 8 mm
propeller hubs, mounted in all Miniplane starting from 2011.


The drive nut is mounted on the hub, the most stressed point, following the instructions on the end of this page, the length of the screws must be carefully selected to enter the nut between 15mm and 20mm when assembled, excessive or shorter length are completely unusable or dangerous.


The propeller or the spacer should be modified by widening the holes (6 to 8 mm for the required depth, NOT with a through hole) with the MANFE tool in our shop.


screws lenght (mm)

  no spacer
30 mm M7A/1A spacer 60 mm M7A/2A spacer

composit (20 mm hub thick)


16 mm lenght nuts


18 mm lenght nuts


18 mm lenght nuts

wood (30-35 mm hub thick)


18 mm lenght nuts


18 mm lenght nuts


18 mm lenght nuts





d. Why do not you mount them as standard on new Miniplane?
r. While providing a higher level of safety than the screw with external nut, assembly is relatively complex and must be tailored to any chosen solution (propeller type, with or without spacer, etc.). Combinations that are often not defined on a new machine.


d. Why two lenght ?
r. the long measure is to provide greater working surface on the wood blades that are softer, and when the propeller spacer is used

A short size is suitable for composite propellers that normally have a very low thickness, this measure is only on request, because in most of the case the long measure is the one you need.


d. Do you get the same result using 8 mm screws?
r. According to our tests, this solution is more resistant than a 8mm screw that is mounted in the usual way protruding from the reducer side, and the weight is lower


d. If I change my mind and I want to reassemble the 6 mm through screws?
r. We strongly advise you, you can not use the 6mm screws where you have enlarged the holes to 8mm



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