rear mounted paramotor and bike carrier

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the easiest way to transport your paramotor

adaptable to all types of cars
The Peruzzo Padova (Padua) model can carry 30 kg
built in aluminum weighs only 6.5 kg
the shipping box measures 118 x 67 x 18 cm weighs 10.1 Kg

please check the compatibility of your car by visiting the manufacturer's website:



the carrier is a bike carrier, traffic regulations in some countries may limit the use of such accessories


Please note:
due to exposure to bad weather, rain, sun, and especially to the dust raised by the movement of the car, (dust that is very difficult to remove from the tissues and that could penetrate even into the tank and mechanical parts of the engine), can cause a drastic aging or irreversible damage to your MINIPLANE.
We recommend the use of this accessory only for very short and low speed transport.

When possible it is preferable to transport inside, protected from dust, sun and bad weather


we strongly advise against using this accessory in combination with covers, articles SCOVE and SCOVEX, the drag due to movement and turbulence cause excessive loads already at very low speeds of a few km / h.




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