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Rigid Cage Frame
engine TOP 80 with 140 cm prop

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Frame color - Colore telaio

Size Cage

Psf Harness size select size

Throttle handle - Acceleratore

Reductor range



our ABM system, Medium Flex Bars, allows a more dinamic handling
while maintaining an high level of self stability


WHAT IS NEW ON 150 rigid cage MINIPLANE :

 A  bigger prop turning slowly offer a good thrust with lower noise.
In general every performance is improved, with a better efficiency of the propeller (higer aspect ratio), more thrust is obtained with less consumption.

A larger propeller, however, needs adequate protection that we can not obtain with the classic solution of the Miniplane flexible cage.
The solution we offer now is a propeller protection cage built with a high strength aluminum drop-shaped aerofoil profile.

We offer 2 choices of cages: a lighter one with a 20x10 mm profile, another with a 40 x 13 mm profile, more robust but slightly heavier about 600 g

The new reduction ratios make the propeller turn more slowly, only 2000 (16/75 ) or 2200 (17/75) rpm at maximum rpm, and thanks to the best efficiency, in horizontal flight the noise is greatly reduced, making the flight more relaxing for the pilot and less stressful for who follows him from the ground. The new lightweight composite Helix prop becomes a mandatory choice for this paramotor, impossible to achieve the same performance with such a large wooden propeller.
A further advantage, which will please many users, is that the profile used for this propeller keeps performance better as air density decreases, in practice it lose less thrust as the height increases.


standard features:


  • - composite propeller 2 blades of 140 cm
  • - Diameter cage 150cm, 4 sections + base
  • - Weight 20,55 Kg (20x10 profile)
  • - Reductor 17/75 or 16/76
  • - arm spacers 1 or 2 cm
  • - prop spacer 3cm, you may order 6 cm also
  • - harness black
  • - Harness size M or L


When ordered the L size harness, the machine is delivered with L size arms (few cm longer).





  Colors (samples, there are many other availlable):

  Difference metal color with solar light:







   harness options : seat size (cm) weight
with seatplate


wide x deep


wide x deep

Easy Fly

our standard harness,

1 big pocket under the seat, 2 side pockets,

42 mm main belt,

loops belts for a front rescue container and speed-bar pulleys

 34 x 25(+7) 37 x 27(+8)  2

 SLT paramotor harness
25 mm main belts,
size expander zip on the back
removable zipped side rescue container that  can be put on both sides( the zipped rescue container and/or the the side pocket must be ordered separatelly, you can find it on our harness section)

   38 x 32(+8) 2,4

 heavier than our standard harness but very confortable thanks to abundant padding

25 mm main belts

availlable in 3 versions :

  1. with 2 side pockets + 1 under the seat
  2. 1 side emergency pocket + 1 side pocket (S version) + 1 under the seat
  3. or rescue pocket under the seat (U version)
38 x
28 (+12)
 38 x
28 (+12)

 more informations about the harness in the harness section

Here you can find more informations on the choice of Miniplane the best for you.

informations about the ABM arm spacers here

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