2016 frame
TOP 80 with carb. TILLOTSON
115 cm prop

Perc. Sconto0.0 %
Frame color - Colore telaio

Gear rate - Misura riduttore

Model Miniplane Harness

ABM Harness - Imbrago ABM

ABM Flex Bar Spacers Tooltip

Throttle handle - Acceleratore

Cage Model

Propeller size - Misura elica Tooltip standard is wood




our ABM system, Medium Flex Bars, allows a more dinamic handling while maintaining an high level of self stability


Finally a compact ABM Miniplane frame for light pilots



 A resized geometry make the machine more aerodinamic and (is it possible ?) better equilibrate on the ground and in flight.

The main body of the frame is designed as a closed box, very strong and rigid.

The low part of the frame is separate, in case of crash that part work as a fusible, it's very easy and cheaper than the entire frame to change.

The back side of the low part is simply made with 2 sticks, the same of the side sticks, (so there are 6 in each frame), this solution give a good stability and it is very easy to dismount for transport. In case you need is possible to remove 1 and use as spare side stick.

The width is 4 cm less than old frame, and the ABM arms are also 4 cm closest, so the seating is more confortable to small pilots; bigger pilots also have benefits in handling, or they can use a spacer in case they need a wider size.

115 cp


is complete with harness
and carabiners, that are
not visible on these pictures

please read the
following description

115 dp


standard features:


  • wood propeller of 115
  • cage Diameter 123 cm
  • harness black
  • Weight 19.9 Kg
  • Reductor 20/72 or 21/71, recommended for propellers of 115 cm
  • Harness size M, is the measure that normally can be adjusted for pilots between 60 and 90 Kg


The M size was designed for 115 cm propellers.



  Colors : please visit the category page Miniplane
(samples, there are other availlable)





   ABM Harness options : seat size (cm) weight
with seatplate


wide x deep


wide x deep

Easy Fly

our standard harness,

1 big pocket under the seat, 2 side pockets,

42 mm main belt,

loops belts for a front rescue container and speed-bar pulleys

 34 x 25(+7) 37 x 27(+8)  2

 SLT paramotor harness
25 mm main belts,
size expander zip on the back
removable zipped side rescue container that  can be put on both sides( the zipped rescue container and/or the the side pocket must be ordered separatelly, you can find it on our harness section)

   38 x 32(+8) 2,4

 heavier than our standard harness but very confortable thanks to abundant padding

25 mm main belts

availlable in 3 versions :

  1. with 2 side pockets + 1 under the seat
  2. 1 side emergency pocket + 1 side pocket (S version) + 1 under the seat
  3. or rescue pocket under the seat (U version)
38 x
28 (+12)
 38 x
28 (+12)

 more informations about the harness in the harness section

Here you can find more informations on the choice of Miniplane the best for you.

informations about the ABM arm spacers here

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