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Throttle control

Right Trotthle Control,
Comando acceleratore Selezionare la misura

Code Product: T10
Code Product: T10L
Remote choke control for Valbro carburator
Frame Model Telaio

Code Product: T11
Velcro strap for throttle control color red/black
Code Product: T10V
Misure cavo comando inox Selezionare la misura

Code Product: T10/1
new kill switch IP65 more resistance
Code Product: 722
Morsetto per serrare il filo dell'acceleratore
Code Product: T10/2
Protects the kill switch against moisture, dust and accidental shutdowns
Code Product: T10C



a bit of history :
prior to this specially designed throttle, manufacturers used linkages built for other purposes, agriculture, bikes or simple welded tubes to form a lever, with major technical limitations.
First of all the safety, all them caused the acceleration of the engine, often the block, with a simple traction even less than 1 kg, another common defect was that the uncovered control wire could easily be blocked by dust, in fact this is common for the accelerator to drop to the ground.
The accelerator of Per Il Volo was the first designed in 2002 to solve these problems.

We are often asked why the accelerator is not set up with a "cruise control" type stop system, we believe that this feature is not compatible with our safety criteria and can cause very serious accidents.
Nevertheless, the pivot of the throttle lever can be easily modified by those who have the ability and can take responsibility.